Top 9 Best Pink Gemstones (2021 Review)

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What Are Pink Gemstones?

Pink gemstones are highly prized for their rare and stunning beauty. Pink gemstones are found in a wide array of beautiful shades, and two of the most valued pink gemstones are pink sapphire and tanzanite.

Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for September, and the color of sapphire is a vivid pink. It is an opaque jewel with a vitreous luster. Pink gemstones, like sapphires or rubies, that are very pure in color, or are especially deep, fiery pink, are particularly valuable.

The rarest gemstones in the world are known as fancy color diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are quite unique and they generally sell for much higher prices than white diamonds. One of the most valued fancy color diamonds in the world is the pink diamond.

Pink diamonds are very rare and they are prized for their beauty. The deeper the pink, or the more vivid the shade, the more valuable the pink diamond will be.

Where To Buy Pink Gemstones?

Pink gemstones are something that is rarely categorised together. When we talk about pink gemstones, the only words that come in our mind are “emerald” or “rhodolite” or “pink diamond”. All these pink gemstones are technically colour variations of the mineral Rhodolite. The term rhodolite does not refer to a specific gemstone but a group of gemstone varieties.

As the name suggests, rhodolite possesses a rose pink colour which is the reason why it was labelled “rhodolite”. It’s not a very common colour for a gemstone and hence, it’s quite expensive. For the same reason, it’s a popular choice of celebrities and royals too.

The rarity of pink gemstones makes it hard to find them in jewellery stores. However, it’s not completely impossible to find a pair of pink gemstone earrings. The search can be a tough one, but it provides you with an unforgettable experience.

Here are some tips to shorten your search for pink gemstones:

Try a pinkish hue in glass gemstones.

Look for them in silver or gold for the most affordable choice.

Look for high quality diamonds in pink undertones.

What Are The Types of Pink Gemstones?

There are many different types of pink gemstones; however we are only going to cover the top 9 best pink gemstones at this time.

All of the gemstones listed below are pink in color and are popular with collectors of precious gemstones.

Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite Garnet is a very rare stone that is a mix of the two garnets – rhodolite and pyrope. It has a deep pink color and a high luster. Rhodolites come in a wide range of shades ranging from a light pink hue to a dark reddish pink hue. The color is a result of the presence of manganese and vanadium, which are both found in the same location in the earth. Therefore, this gem usually has the best and most characteristic color because of this.

The R.I. (Refractory Index) for Rhodolite Garnet is 1.715 – 1.810. The refractive index is an indication of the amount of light that the gemstone is able to bend and make change direction. The refractive index of a gemstone is always higher than the refractive index of the same gemstone in mineral form.

The Hardness of Rhodolite Garnet is 7.5 – 8 on the Mohs scale and the specific gravity is 3.90 – 4.15.

Reviews of the 9 Best Pink Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Since ancient times, pink gemstones have been treasured as a symbol of love, affection, and affection. For thousands of years, pink diamonds have been renowned for their gentle hue and rarity, and are one of the most highly valued gemstones in the world. Crystal healers use pink stones to nourish the emotional body, veins and blood vessels. Pink tourmaline is said to sparkle with the fire of love and passion. And pink sapphires are believed to dispel negative emotions.

It goes without saying that pink gemstones are some of the most beautiful, prized, and sought after gemstones in the world. So in this article, we are going to take a closer look at some of the top pink gemstones used in jewelry. We will discuss their mining methods, history, metaphysical properties, and their physical characteristics.

Below is the list of the best pink gemstones used in jewelry.

Pink Sapphire

The color of pink sapphires is caused by the presence of a trace element, titanium. The presence of the element in the stone also gives the stone certain and desirable properties which make it a remarkably beautiful gem. The color of the stone may also be changed slightly by the presence of iron, but this usually takes away from the value. The color can be determined by the amount of iron in the stone, and this is known as the "heaviness" of the stone.

The color of a pink sapphire stone can range from light pink to highly saturated. The color can also range from pleasant to dramatic and even vividly beautiful. Every shade of pink has its own personality, and when it comes to sapphires, there really is something for everyone.

This particular stone is also known as the "gem of love".

The symbolism of pink comes from its fidelity and is one of the few colors that are seen universally when people think about romance.

It can also promote inspiration and compassion.

Pink Topaz

Topaz is one of the gems that is always associated with a pink color and has been used to describe a gemstone that is pink in color. The point when it was finally decided that these gems were better described as pink topaz was in the year 1960. This was also the point at which the name for the gem was changed to pink topaz. Pink topaz got its name from the color and not the place that it came from. This is due to the fact that this gem's pink color is the result of very little element substitution. This is one of the reasons why this gem is more valuable than any of the other gemstones that are also pink in color. The other reason is the fact that the pink color of this gem is very stable. The majority of the pink gemstones you see will be of the same color. They will not change over time.

Pink Topaz can be found naturally in shades of pink or orange. These gems are found in different locations. The majority of these gems come from Brazil and Africa. There are also find large deposits of them in parts of Pakistan. Pink Topaz has also been produced synthetically.


This is my favorite pink gemstone. I own a small pendant with a bright pink rhodochrosite and a pair of earrings also containing rhodochrosite. Both are so cute pink stones, and they are my go-to gems for any outfit that needs a pop of pink. Here is a list of the top 9 best pink gemstones that are available today.

The rhodochrosite is a manganese-rich carbonate mineral that's been found in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Australia as well as in the USA. The amazing thing about this gemstone is that it changes color with different light exposures, including dark, fluorescent, daylight, and incandescent. This is also a very popular stone that's never out of style, and its pink colors are as vibrant as ever.

The light pink rhodochrosite is a rare gemstone that comes exclusively from Argentina. The color of pink rhodochrosite ranges from light pink to deep rose. Not exactly a hot pink, it has a very subtle hint of pink. In natural light, pink rhodochrosite can be almost colorless, while on a sunny day it turns into a deep pink.


What are the best pink stones?

Pink gemstones are part of the corundum family, which includes sapphire, ruby, and garnet. The purest variety of pink gemstone is called morganite, a softer stone with a 6.5-7.0 Mohs hardness rating.

Morganite was named for the famous American banker and collector J.P. Morgan, who was fond of the vivid colors of the gem. Significant morganite deposits are found only in Brazil today. In the early 20th century, superior stones came from Madagascar, and now morganite is also being mined in Sri Lanka.

Other varieties of pink gemstone include:

Pink Diamond

A gemstone is the embodiment of nature’s beauty. It gives us a chance to capture nature’s reflection and connect to a higher purpose.

It’s amazing how nature forms different colored diamonds by placing different amounts of pressure at different depths, and the result is a unique color for every diamond. Pink is one of the stunning color diamonds with a high value and is known as pink sapphire or pink spinel.

But what is a pink gemstone exactly, and how does it differ from a diamond?

Despite the fact that pink is well represented across the color spectrum, it is one of the rarest colors on a yellow or white diamond. After the discovery of pink diamonds in 1877, pink sapphire became more popular and easily accessible.

A pink gemstone is a blend between a sapphire and a ruby, referred to as a raspberry. The most famous pink gemstone is the pink diamond, which is one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones.

Pink diamonds are notorious for falling into two categories, the fancy pink diamond, and the natural pink diamond.

Pink Tourmaline

(January – February)

Pink Tourmaline is one of the oldest stones known to man. The gorgeous pink crystal is one of the finest and rarest gems of them all and is extremely hard to find due to its rarity.

Pamela Marks, author of The Healing Powers of Jewelry, describes the stone as a “silky, calming stone that helps us release what no longer serves us.” It’s a stone of harmony and compassion, often used to foster empathy in relationships.

Pink Tourmaline works in harmony with an app that allows you to scan the stone and commune with the mineral. It’s a fun way to incorporate the, sometimes forgotten, metaphysical aspects of the stones into your day-to-day life.

In The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall states that Pink Tourmaline is used to bring money and love into your life, and to prevent you from falling into the hands of a gossip or even yourself! It’s an incredibly positive gemstone associated with emotional healing and self-love.

Since Pink Tourmaline is a powerful emotional healer and stress reliever, it’s an ideal gemstone for meditation and stress relief. It’s also an excellent choice to wear when trying to present yourself with balance and serenity.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a combination of pink quartz and rose quartz.

Beneath its light pink exterior, rose quartz is pink quartz with beautiful swirled pink to black color. Rose quartz is a member of the quartzite family. While common as a low grade gemstone in jewelry stores, rose quartz is the name given to quartz colored by trace amounts of manganese. Rose quartz is also called rose rock.

Rose quartz is an incredibly soft gemstone, so care should be used when setting this jewel into jewelry. When shaping this stone, care should be taken to avoid polishing the rose quartz. If you polish this gem, you’ll get a swirled gray color. When polished, it ends up looking like a piece of clear quartz.

Although rose quartz has a low hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.0, its pretty pink appearance makes it worth working with and enjoying. Because it’s a softer gemstone, it’s a good choice for people that are rough on their jewelry.

Pink Zircon

The usage of pink zircon dates back to hundreds of years ago and is still common today for jewelry making. Pink zircon has a beautiful brilliance, and its color can’t be found in other gemstones. In fact, it’s so rare that it’s mined only in Australia. In addition to its pink color, it’s characterized by a hardness of 8.5 to 9.5 on the Mohs scale.

Zircon is a member of the corundum family, so it’s a reliable and durable stone. You can use it to bring out the best in any luxurious design. And because it’s resistant to scratches and abrasion, you can get away with wearing it on your wedding or engagement ring.

Zircon can be set into a design in variety of ways. You can work with it like you would a diamond by setting it in engagement or wedding rings. And if you love the idea of diamonds, but you want something a little different, choose a zircon bracelet or earrings for your big day.

Pink Spinel

Pink spinel is a popular choice for engagement rings and is available in a wide range of colors from light pink to dark pink. Pink is the most popular color of spinel because it is the rarest and is the highest quality available.

Pink spinel can be found in other hues as well including red, purple, orange, yellow, green, black, and blue.

Pink spinel colors range from light pink to dark pink, with the lighter colors becoming increasingly rare and valuable. The different colored spinel gemstones display a wide range of different hues. They can range from a blue pink, which looks like a deep raspberry, to peach to pale pink.

The most valuable color of pink spinel is red. Some of these spinels look more like rubies, while others are more like a pastel raspberry.

Although the rarest color of pink spinel is red, the rarest color of all is yellow.

Due to its shape and color, pink spinel is also known as the "flower of the night" and is considered a gem that has the power to calm and uplift the spirit. It is also linked to romance and sexuality. Astropsychologists are of the opinion that spinels can make a person more articulate and adept at verbal communication and expression. This makes heart-shaped pink spinel jewelry the most sought after.

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Pink gemstones are pinkish and can be created through a variety of processes. They include rose quartz, amethyst, tourmaline and others. You may also find pink gems listed as purple gems if the color is caused by irradiation from radioactive materials. Both purple colored gems and pink gems in jewelry are very popular right now and here are a few of the top pink gemstones available in 2021.

Rose Quartz: This is a classic and favorite gemstone of all time, with a combination of the finest pink and red. This is a variety of quartz that has a beautiful pink color when it is found. It is an inexpensive material that makes this gemstone very popular. However, the differences in color can create some expensive ones, but most are still cheap.How to Identify Rose Quartz: If you want to buy rose quartz , it will be hard to tell if it is real or fake. Use a 10x magnification tool to ensure that you are getting real rose quartz. If you look at the pink quartz crystal under a magnifying glass, you will see a lot of dark spots and imperfections. However, this can be opaque and should not distract from the light pink color. These markings also turn darker when the stone is exposed to sunlight. Always opt for a rose quartz that is transparent, clean and has a homogeneous pink coloring.