Solitaire Setting Engagement Ring (Pros & Cons)

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What Is A Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting?

When you think about an engagement ring, you think of two precious stones, a diamond and a gem of your choice on a single band.

But a Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting is a single stone mounted in a ring.

This setting is ideal for a center stone that is larger than a typical carat and shines more brilliantly than the combined light of smaller stones. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are made of a single diamond mounted in a golden or white solitaire setting. The diamond is often a jewel cut or brilliant cut, and the ring is usually a solitaire, which means it has no additional gemstones on the band. The shank is usually thinner than jewelry for regular rings.

More people are choosing a Solitaire Setting because they’re quite streamlined and delicate, and some believe a bigger diamond looks better without the distraction of other stones.

A lot of brides are opting for a Solitaire Setting for their engagement ring due to its simplicity and elegance.

These types of rings emphasize the beauty of a diamond and let it shine brightly.

A ring with multiple gems on the band can stack up in weight and feel heavier than a single gem on the same finger. Plus, with multiple gemstones, you have to take extra care of your ring to ensure that each gemstone remains in place.

Should You Choose A Solitaire Setting For Your Engagement Ring?

Is a solitaire setting engagement ring right for you? When it comes to engagement rings, the question is often less about what the recipient prefers and more about what the purchaser thinks she will want.

So, you've finally popped the question and your fiancée is ecstatic, saying yes to a sparkling engagement ring of your choice. Deep down, you're as excited as she is, and you can stop waiting in anticipation for her response.

You start thinking about the engagement ring setting designed of your dreams. A solitaire setting engagement ring is perfect for a bride who loves clean, classic styles that leave nothing to the imagination. It's pure, it's simple, and it's elegant. It's the one that started it all, and it doesn't require any additional pieces of jewelry. It's flawless by itself and doesn't require anything else. This is the one that started it all and continues to be the choice of many brides even today, more than 100 years since it was first introduced.

However, as wonderful as the solitaire engagement ring is, it does have some limitations you might want to consider. As an engaged bride-to-be, it's best if you keep your options open as there are a lot of stunning engagement ring settings to choose from.

When talking about engagement rings and wedding rings, the classic solitaire setting is always at the top of the list when it comes to setting styles. The popular gothic or princess cut diamonds that are set in a solitaire setting will always be the most requested setting kind when you enter a jewelry store.

This setting style is the most popular, the most classic and the most traditional setting style for engagement rings. Perhaps this is because this setting style has been around for generations. It’s also no wonder that this setting style is the most traditional and the most classic style. It’s also the most requested and that’s because a solitaire setting is a very symbolic setting style. This setting style represents the everlasting love and the promise of the undying commitment between two people.

This setting style will never go out of style-it is simply timeless. It fits any traditional or contemporary style wedding theme. The looks are different and unique with each stone and setting.

Other than a solitaire setting, there are three other most common settings for the engagement rings.

Solitaire Setting vs Halo Setting

Choosing a solitaire setting is often the easiest, and in some cases, the most cost effective way to set a diamond in a ring. A halo setting is generally thought of as the more elegant option, but if you are going to take this route, keep in mind that it does more than just accent your diamond(s). It carries a greater visual weight than the solitaire setting and also has more of a statement about the overall quality of the ring.

The solitaire setting is usually regarded as a symbol of love and is often used in an engagement ring.

Solitaire Setting Vs Bezel Setting

The simplest of all gemstone jewelry settings is a simple metal band that keeps the gemstone in place. Although the band is a practical and simple ring setting, the lack of ornamentation is what makes it plain. Adding a more ornamental setting provides enhancement to the stone. Solitaire setting engagement rings include a band that is plain or ornamental with a hole in the center of the band along with a single diamond set in the middle of the ring.

A bezel setting is a common style for diamonds. Typically, the prongs form a sort of cage that holds the diamond in place. The bezel may be set directly into the ring (just under the stone) or the bezel may be set around the stone. Oftentimes, when a diamond is placed on top of the bezel, the prongs are also tapered on the top to create the illusion that the diamond is floating.

The chief benefit of a bezel setting is that it protects a diamond. The prongs hold the diamond securely so that it remains in place without the risk of chipping.

Where To Buy Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings?

One of the most iconic symbols of the everlasting love and commitment of a couple, the engagement ring is arguably the most important purchase a woman will make for her wedding. With a beautiful diamond engagement ring, she can look forward to a treasured possession that will serve as a testament of her and her husband’s love for each other for the rest of their lives.

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring however, many women are often caught in a dilemma as they have so many options to choose from. For instance, you can choose a solitaire diamond engagement which is a ring with only a single diamond, or you can get a designing ring that has many small diamonds arranged in a manner that will make it look unique.

Furthermore, you may also choose from a gold or a platinum setting which in turn gives you a wide variety of styles to choose from.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of the classic solitaire setting engagement ring to help you make a decision. Since it’s the most popular choice for engagement rings, we’ll also look at some of the most elegant, exquisite styles and designs on the market today.

James Allen

When it comes to rings, the most popular choice for the bride-to-be is to give her a diamond solitaire engagement ring.

In fact, this type of ring is the most common choice regardless of whether the bride-to-be has already indicated her preference or you plan to purchase a surprise ring.

Diamond solitaire rings are simple yet beautiful and that makes them a timeless choice. Diamond solitaire rings are symbols of the enduring qualities of your love.

Also, this type of arrangement is probably the most convenient because there’s no need to consider other diamond solitaire ring sizes, style, settings, stone cut, and clarity. Essentially, you get what you pay for: a diamond solitaire ring that’s nothing fancy but still beautiful.

There’s another option and that is a diamond engagement ring with gemstones. While a diamond solitaire engagement ring is a traditional choice, it’s not everything. Your romantic proposal deserves something beautiful beyond the diamond solitaire ring. Don’t you agree?

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry in the world, and has come up with what they call the Solitaire setting, which they say comes straight out of the legacy of the classic solitaire engagement ring.

They took the classic solitaire cut into a replica of a classic setting, and you don’t need to cut it drastically smaller to accommodate a center diamond. If you talk to them or visit their website, they will tell you that they consider this setting to be the most traditional and classic setting for an engagement ring. They provide you with their definition of classic ring settings, which include: a six-prong solitaire setting, a halo and a gallery, as well as a variety of other settings.

But what are the pros and cons of the Solitaire setting?

Well, first you’re going to have to talk to your jeweler about it, and primarily your jeweler is going to be talking to you about a couple of things that are really important when you’re looking at diamond cut and setting.


The word “solitaire” describes a diamond ring without any side stones. A solitaire engagement ring thus contains a single, large diamond usually set in a traditional setting.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are a very popular choice among today’s brides. The diamonds in today’s engagement rings are higher in quality and often have more color and clarity than those of the past. There is a reason why they are so popular ” they are truly beautiful!

Because a solitaire is a classic style that everyone knows, there is no need to explain the setting to anyone. If you decide to have a wedding ring as well, they can match without any additional explanation. Some brides even choose to have a single solitaire diamond set in their wedding ring.

However, many women do not like to wear rings on their engagement ring finger because they say it doesn’t feel natural. In fact, engagement rings with a long pronged setting can sometimes be uncomfortable.

A solitaire engagement ring also has no prongs to become snagged similar to a thin band. The lack of other stones and prongs also means less alteration for the ring to be resized.

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Setting your engagement ring in a solitaire setting is an option that most brides-to-be choose. It’s the classic choice for a traditional engagement ring. Solitaires are the most securely held stones out of the different settings available. They’re also the easiest to care for, making this ring style one of the more popular options for the engagement ring.

For many brides, choosing between a solitaire, halo, or cluster setting is a decision that can cause a little trouble. There are so many different options available, and not all may fit with your ring size or personality. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different settings will help you determine which one would be best for you.

The solitaire setting created a fresh and trendy design option that some may say has been a bit overdone over the years. Although it’s often still the choice for the engagement ring, it’s not always the most popular choice. But for those that want to follow tradition, because it’s classic and beautiful, a solitaire setting may be the perfect choice.

A solitaire setting is also the least expensive way for a jeweler to secure a unique prong setting. This can be a significant savings to pass along to the bride.