What Does 925 Mean on Jewelry? (Interesting Answer…)

(Source: Kim Kardashian: How to Wear 925) ‘925’ is the mark of purity for silver jewelry. It is the highest grade in silver jewelry. So, 925 silver jewelry is made from 93.5% silver and other metals in conductive (such as copper, etc.).

The “Round Cut” Diamond Shape Explained (Buying Guide)

You’ve all seen it. A round diamond cut looks different than a princess cut, its more oval sort of, with rounded corners. Your traditional round diamond shaped stone has the same length of degradations on each side; it’s identical on the top and bottom, front and back, etc. “The ”Round Cut” has a rounded front and a squarish back, hence the name. The “Round Cut” diamond cut takes up more of the total surface area of the diamond than a traditional round diamond, so will be smaller and appear a higher quality due to the extra sparkle and brilliance. When shopping for diamonds, it may be a good idea to ask for round cut diamonds as round cut diamonds are a more secure and easier to value diamond shape to understand.

Solitaire Setting Engagement Ring (Pros & Cons)

We were asked the best setting for engagement ring so we decided to make a list to help readers. We researched, discussed with professionals and came up with various opinions. Learn more here.